May 23, 2017, La Crosse Tribune

We can ask what is more important, sick care or health care.

When we feel generally healthy and expect to remain so, it makes a lot of sense to think about purchasing health insurance designed to help out on the rare occasion of a large unexpected expenditure for major injury or illness. This kind of insurance plan falls into the category that I call sick care.

When we begin to feel a bit less robust, a bit more frail, perhaps older, then we appreciate that our health is something that must be maintained and continuously cared for. In this case, purchasing insurance that is designed to help us maintain our health makes a lot of sense. This kind of insurance plan falls into the category that I call health care.

I find it interesting that mothers know that the youthful, robust healthiness of their children is something that is not guaranteed. They strive to protect and promote the health of their children continuously. For a mother, her child’s health care is just as important as sick care.

As our elected officials in Washington strive to determine a health insurance strategy for our nation, it could be helpful to recognize that Obamacare defends both health care and sick care. Proposals for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare seem to narrow the focus to offerings for sick care primarily. Unfortunately, access to sick care in the individual market becomes very expensive when individuals have pre-established heath conditions.

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