December 7, 2017 La Crosse Tribune

It appears that Congress will pass a tax bill that the president will sign into law.

This legislation promises to substantially increase our national debt. This will ultimately result in the need to cut expenditures.

What benefits of good governance can be done away with? What goods for our national community are not worthy of being paid for?

What benefits can people who govern themselves give up? Clean and safe drinking water? It’s essential.

Transportation systems and safe roads available to all? Not discretionary.

Twenty-first century access to broadband and open internet? Must have.

Good education through college for all children and respect for their teachers? A fundamental need for every society.

Advancement of science and research? Needed for sure.

Health care for all? An absolute benefit.

Old-age security and a tranquil life for our elders? It’s only fair.

Care for our mother earth and our environment? We need to do this for those who will follow us.

We cannot give up these things, and there is no need to do so. But these benefits of good governance are not free. They must be paid for. And there is no reason for us to do so on credit.

Good governance of the people, by the people and for the people is able to do all of these things and more. We choose for ourselves because we govern ourselves.

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