Well run political campaigns are a service to us all.

On election day, we choose our representatives to serve us in government. We need to know who the candidates are and what they believe in.
I wish that our campaigns were publicly funded. Getting the word out about candidates is a public service, and so our tax money should be used to pay for that service.

For now, we rely on campaign contributions to pay for the work of getting the word out about our candidates. I need your help to spread the word about who I am and what I believe makes for good government!  
I promise you that mine will be a well run campaign. There will be no “dirty tricks” and no “mud slinging.” My campaign will simply do the necessary work to help you do your job of voting for the candidate that you believe in.

Please help my campaign do this important work.

Make a donation online via ActBlue

Make a donation with a check

Please make checks payable to: Mark Neumann for Congress

Make sure to include:

  • Name(s)
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Occupation
  • Employer

Send to:
Neumann For Congress Campaign
PO Box 625, La Crosse, WI 54602

Thank you for your support!